Linbury Court

The home of Jennings by Anthony Buckeridge

June 2006 Meeting - A report on the meeting by Eileen Buckeridge (Anthony's wife)

White Hart Hotel, Lewes.

We had another successful meeting on Saturday, 10 June. Here are a few of the highlights.

I had persuaded two members of Lewes Little Theatre to come and speak in order to give another aspect of Anthony's creative life - his acting was always very important to him. Stella Stone spoke about directing Anthony in many plays and John Cole gave us anecdotes about acting with him and his presence in the dressing room. They both paid tribute to characteristics that we all feel typified Anthony as a person--his very great skills connected with his observation of people, coupled with his quite amazing modesty and self-effacement. I added my own vignette on his performances as an actor (non-singing,of course) at Glyndebourne.

Then, we were regaled with a perceptive look at Anthony's writing about boys and masters in an encyclopaedic compilation by Peter Singleton. Perter Hicks again found another subject to excavate - this time the discrepancies to be found in some of the financial transactions!

I showed the video of the Wogan interview which was in response to a request from last year and Bernard Elwen had a us all grappling with a quiz during the tea break! I must mention Bernard's amazing impersonation of Darbishire when we came to a reading of one of the radio plays which David Schutte so skilfully masterminded.

It must be said that Jonathan Cooper has done a splendid job in taking over after the sad death of Darrell Swift and in producing the wonderful revised edition of the JENNINGS COMPANION now re-named, and largely re-written and entitled THE WORLD OF JENNINGS.

We are all grateful to him for all his work.

Eileen Buckeridge.