Linbury Court

The home of Jennings by Anthony Buckeridge

June 2008 Meeting - A report on the meeting by Eileen Buckeridge (Anthony's wife)

Linton Lodge Hotel, Oxford .

Jonathan Cooper runs each meeting with such eminent success –each one seeming to better the one before- that I felt that I could do little more than print the entire programme (below) to aid your memory or to whet your appetite.

Comparisons being odourous as Mrs Malaprop said, I haven’t commented on individual contributions this year. It is a source of great satisfaction to me that each year our contributors continue to reveal new comparisons or new literary merit in Anthony’s work.

I will perhaps mention that it seems such a good idea to end the session with a reading of one of the radio plays ---not only does it reveal hidden talents in the readers but it also illuminates the techniques involved in adapting dialogue to narrative prose.

The meeting ended with an almost palpable feeling of camaraderie between us all. A really satisfying occasion.

Eileen Buckeridge



Linton Lodge Hotel, Oxford



from 10.30       Arrivals, informal chat, book buying, coffee and biscuits

12.00               News                                                               Eileen Buckeridge

12.15               From Jennings to Jimi                                        Lee Pressman

12.30               Jennings’ adventures by rail                               Stephen Floyd

12.45               The language of Jennings and Darbishire            Martin Gulliver

1.00                 Buffet lunch
2.10                 “My father says”                                               Christopher Kemp

2.30                 Wilkins the Motorist                                         Val Biro

2.45                 Silent Comedy                                                  Jonathan Cooper

3.00                 Gangs                                                               Dennis Butts

3.20                 Break for tea and biscuits

3.50                 Meccano puzzles explained                               Ellis Cory

4.00                 Don’t forget your lunch (part two)                     Peter Singleton

4.15                 Just Like Jennings                                             Peter Hicks

4.30                 A Jennings radio play                                        David Schutte

5.00                 End of Meeting


t.b.a.                Dinner in the Dining Room