Linbury Court
The home of Jennings by Anthony Buckeridge

A Message From Eileen Buckeridge



Libretto........Anthony Buckeridge
Score...........Corin Buckeridge

As a tribute to Anthony, The Lewes Little Theatre produced this play in December 2006. The legend of the Pied Piper is set against the Children's Crusade of the 14th century.

The play was as favourably received as it had been when it was first peformed in 1979. Indeed, parallels with the 20th century prompted many people to ask me if I had up-dated the text -which, of course, was not the case!

The tenor of the reviews this year suggested that it should become a classic. Anthony Buckeridge's elegant and witty lyrics combine with Corin Buckeridge's energetic and lyrical music combine to make IT HAPPENED IN HAMELIN a morality tale to delight children and adults alike..

I am therefore going to attempt to promote the play again and I shall organise a Mailshot to schools and other selected targets. I am having a web site prepared and am hoping to use this space to draw attention to my efforts.

Eileen Buckeridge (please remove the bit that reads "ABCXYZ" - this is to prevent the address being collected automatically and then bombarded with junk emails).

See the "It Happened In Hamelin" web site here