Meeting Review 2015


SATURDAY 19th SEPTEMBER 2015   Quality Hotel in St Albans

The 2015 meeting took place in St Albans for the third year in a row, again under the auspices of Head Boy Bernard Elwen. There were 18 of us there in total, and we all came along to share our enjoyment of the wonderful works of Anthony Buckeridge.

The meeting this year was somewhat different from the ones that had gone before. For one thing, we moved the date to September, hoping that this would avoid clashed with all the other activities, such as weddings, that happen over the summer months. And for another thing, most of the sessions consisted of group discussions rather than individual presentations. We were pleased to welcome, as always, Tim Buckeridge, wo entertained us with a reminiscence entitled “and finally”.

During the day, we discussed such topics as how we all came to know and love the works of Anthony Buckeridge, what we know of Anthony’s other works besides Jennings, and how could the Jennings books be appreciated more widely again.

We finished off the day with the traditional play reading, with a mixture of volunteers and the press-ganged taking their roles in the reading of “Jennings and the Train of events”.

It was agreed that we would meet up in September again the following year, and think about some new ideas to freshen the meetings up.

Review by Bernard Elwen

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