Jennings Goes Abroad

Jennings was published in a number of countries around the world. He was particularly popular in Norway, where he was known as Stompa and virtually the entire series was translated in to Norwegian:

01. Stompa & Co195801. Jennings Goes to School
02. Stompa følger et spor195902. Jennings Follows a Clue
03. Stompa passer gullfisk195903. Jennings’ Little Hut
04. Stompa og Bodø195904. Jennings
05. Stompa skriver dagbok196005. Jennings’ diary
06. Stompa på vingene196006. According to Jennings
07. Stompa på fotojakt196108. Thanks to Jennings
08. Stompa blir teatersjef196107. Our friend Jennnings
09. Stompa senders S. O. S.196210. Jennings as usual
10. Stompa og spionen196212. Just like Jennings
11. Stompa på Lopphavet196309. Take Jennings, for instance
12. Stompa og syndfloden196411. The trouble with Jennings
13. Stompa og spåkvinnen196513. Leave it to Jennings
14. Stompa, dagens helt196614. Jennings, of course
15. Stompa starter stort196715. Especially Jennings
16. Stompa og Swing-Wing196816. Jennings abounding
17. Stompa har griseflaks196917. Jennings in particular
18. Stompa får blod på tann197018. Trust Jennings
19. Stompa til topps197119. The Jennings report
20. Stompa og hulemysteriet197220. Typically Jennings
21. Stompa og agenten197321. Speaking of Jennings
22. Stompa og Stine197722. Jennings at large