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“Anthony read these four extracts from his Jennings’ books at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2001.  It was a most successful occasion and in response to requests from many people I arranged to have this video made in our Village Hall at Barcombe in the following September.

“I have had the video re-edited and the original music from Children’s Hour – The Old Clockmaker: Charles William – added to link each extract.

“It was to be his last public performance: he became ill in the following February (2002) and he died 28 June 2004 aged 92.  He was very frail physically, but mentally alert until the end. He died peacefully at home”.

Eileen Buckeridge

“The Miser’s Secret” from “Our Friend Jennings”

“The Farewell Gift” from “According to Jennings”

“High Altitude” from “Just Like Jennings”

“Jack Carr’s Car Jack” from “Thanks to Jennings”

The recordings include an introduction to the readings by Eileen Buckeridge. The case is illustrated by Val Biro.

Unfortunately, this recording is not currently available, but to check any future availability please visit David Schutte books: